About Us

and the pets that inspired us

About Us

Zach & Kayla

Hello! We’re Zach and Kayla, a couple who met while on an archaeological dig in Ukraine in 2015. After being friends for a couple of years, we decided to try a long-distance relationship while we attended graduate school. We shifted between seeing each other in norther Virginia (where Kayla was attending school), Wisconsin (where Kayla’s family and many of our mutual friends live), and Michigan (where Zach is attending school). We now both reside in Michigan with our dog, cat, and rabbit (and the hope that we will be moving Kayla’s horse here soon too).

We wanted to start a blog as a form of virtual scrapbook to keep track of our adventures throughout the years, as well as an area to post oral histories. We hope to share stories of our travels (mostly around the Midwest, with throwbacks to other trips), as well as including many anthropological topics along the way.

About the name VodkaWagon

Zach's Cat, SpeedWagon

When determining a name for our blog, we looked for inspiration from those we loved and created a name from the conglomeration of the names of two cherished pets, Speedwagon and Vodka.

Speedwagon is a four-year-old rescue tabby. Zach originally sought a companion for his elderly dog, who had grown depressed without a buddy. While Speedwagon was not the cat that we originally went to see at the shelter, he quickly became the obvious pick. He lounged about and loved on everyone who entered the room. We hastily snatched him up, even though others desperately wanted him. Speedy now enjoys his catnip, stinking up the house, trying to escape to the outdoors, scratching anything that will bring him attention, and playing with Vodka. He also has a phobia of closed doors, insisting that they are always to be open (including scratching and howling in the middle of the night).

Kayla's Dog, Vodka

Vodka is a Pitty/Great Pyrenees mix that we adopted in 2019. Again, we didn’t go to the shelter with her in mind, but her gentle nature and shyness won us over. While Kayla never pictured owning a small, Pitty-mix, Vodka became an amazing dog to own. She LOVES meeting new people and dogs, which is why the dog park is her favorite place. Occasionally she forgets that we are the ones that own her and tries to escape with her new buddies.