First Days in Ukraine - Kyiv



First Days in Ukraine - Kyiv


The first time we took a trip to Ukraine for the archaeological dig in Borshiv. We landed in Kyiv where we had a good time getting used to the country.


8 July 2015
8 July 2015 – 9 July 2015


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Kyiv Buildings Kyiv Square Kyiv Square Sculpture Kyiv - St. Sophia's Cathedral Kyiv - Statue Kyiv - St. Michaels Golden Domed Monastery Kyiv - View from St. Sophia's Cathedral Kyiv - Walking past sellers at a market Kyiv - Mural Kyiv - Walking around Kyiv - Lift to take us up the hill Kyiv - Taking the Subway Kyiv - Enjoying the View Kyiv - On the way to the Tombs Kyiv - Going down a hill to the tombs Kyiv - Stopping on the way to the tombs Kyiv - Outside of Tombs - no pictures allowed inside Kyiv - Stolen Russian Equipment Kyiv - Sculptures on the way to the WW2 Museum Kyiv - World War II Museum Kyiv - Took a hot night train on the way to Lviv

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