First Days in Ukraine - Lviv



First Days in Ukraine - Lviv


After going to Kyiv, we took the train to Lviv before heading off to the archaeological portion of the visit.



9 July 2015
9 July 2015 – 11 July 2015


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Lviv - Park outside of our Hotel Lviv - Sculpture on the walk into the main square Lviv - Buildings Lviv - Main Square Lviv - Walking around Lviv - Main Square Lviv - Square Statue Lviv - Trolly Lviv - Main Square Tower Lviv - Panda Harrasment Lviv - Outside the BDSM Bar Lviv - Top of the main square tower Lviv - View from the Tower Lviv - View of a church from the Tower Lviv - Another view from the tower Lviv - View of Pravda from the tower Lviv - View of the coffee shop from the tower Lviv - View of the flag on the tower Lviv - inside Church Lviv - Opera House Walkway Lviv - Busy outside the opera house Lviv - Soli church Lviv - Inside Soli Church Lviv - Place selling books outside the main square Lviv - Armory Museum Lviv - Armor from the Armory Museum Lviv - Armor and Weapons from the Armory Museum Lviv - Full View of Armory Museum Lviv - Another statue walking around Lviv - Pillar from walking around Lviv - Even more walking around Lviv - Cemetary Lviv - Angel tombstone Lviv - Dramatic tombstone Lviv - Walking through the cemetary Lviv - Soccer outside the cemetary Lviv - City from the cemetary Lviv - another cemetary photo Lviv - Bird tombstone Lviv - Uniform portion of cemetary Lviv - More walking aroundd Lviv - Group photo of those who climbed the mountain

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